New and Consistent Equipment/Gear

We use BRAND NEW Gear and keep you on one particular canopy and size throughout your course. Unfortunately some instructors choose to use old ragged out equipment that's bought up cheap and sell this idea to you under the premise of being able to "try out different canopies". The variable needs to be YOU and the differences we see each jump need to be your improving skills. This cannot be accomplished by changing canopies every single jump. We use the same principles that have worked in parachute, paraglider, and aircraft instruction. This is a no brainer!

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BASE Ethics

BASE is a completely unregulated, or better described as self-regulated, sport. With that freedom comes much responsibility (yes, like Spider-Man). For some further reading please download this PDF : BASE Ethics by Adam Filipino

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BASE Packing

At Twin Falls BASE Corp you will learn to pack a BASE parachute and learn WHY we in the industry have generally standardized the packing techniques so historical mistakes are not repeated. The first day of your course will be primarily devoted to packing and ground school. After course completion the following YouTube video will serve as a refernce for you to stay current.

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Canopy and Accuracy Drills

Not only will we be going through exits and debriefed flights to the LZ, but you will return home with a toolset of canopy drills you will be able to use to continue building and growing. Just like getting your USPA A-License did not yet make you a PRO Demonstration jumper, learning to BASE jump safely doesn't automatically make you a dialed in jumper without time and dedication in the sport. You will now have the skills to jump safely as well as know how to work on your flat turns, side float exits, simulated solid object avoidance and more so that you can get to new objects with confidence at your own pace.

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