Who we are

#1 Respected BASE FJC's

Starting over 10 years ago under the Splatula Rigging name, Twin Falls BASE Corp has become the leading instructors of solid BASE skills.

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What we do

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    Provide BRAND NEW Consistent Gear

    Learning to BASE jump is just like learning anything else. We keep the variables to a minimum and allow you to explore different flight profiles by using brand new, well fitting, and good flying equipment. At Twin Falls BASE we provide the best training, starting with the best brand new equipment.

    Don't let gimmicks fool you; when someone says you are "demo'ing different canopies during a course" this really means you are jumping old ragged out gear that was bought cheap and you will never know if a different canopy flight was because of your own inputs and reaction times or because of a different designed parachute.

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    Familiar Ground School

    BASE and Skydiving are both just parts of the parachuting world. BASE Jumping's roots in fact begin with skydivers aka "Parachutists", deciding to jump their rigs off objects rather than out of an aircraft. At Twin Falls BASE Corp our roots are consistent with our sport and we have been skydiving instructors. We use similar class room styles and build on the parachute knowledge you already have to teach you the nuances and unique skills for BASE.

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    Skill Building Toolset

    Leaving your FJC successfully is similar to when you achieved your A-License skydiving and went off into the world. You don't know everything but you know how to get better and you know you're own limitations. You will leave with the confidence and the jumping drills necessary to hone your skills with as much determination as you're willing to put forth.

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    BASE Packing

    We will teach and you will pack for yourself on every single BASE jump you make. After the course is over we provide a video for your reference. BASE Jumping is not a tourist trip for skydivers; if you're going to take the leap, let us give you the confidence to pack for yourself starting day 1!

the team

Dr. Marc Lambert
Dr. Marc Lambert
Dr. Splatula
Dr. Splatula (Abbie)
FAA Parachute Rigger, ATP AMEL, ASEL, ASES

Dr. Marc has lived in Twin Falls, ID for 7 years. He is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. While working as a Physical Therapist he pursued his love of skydiving and continues to instruct skydiving seasonally along with BASE. Marc has worked at several dropzones over the years. Marc began BASE jumping in 2010 after taking a course with Abbie of Splatula Rigging, DZONE® Skydiving, and TandemBASE. After years of objects and jumping, Marc and Abbie migrated Splatula Rigging's BASE instruction into TFBC.

Marc's BASE experience combined with his knowledge of teaching human movement delivers an excellent ability to instruct new BASE jumpers.

Marc is very involved in both the BASE and the Twin Falls local community, serving as Chairman of the TF Parks and Recreation Commission and heads the coordination of an annual Perrine Bridge clean-up. Marc is passionate about BASE jumping and instructing new jumpers on being safe and making good decisions during their BASE jumping journey.

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what people say...

Kyle D. (Now 600+ BASE Jumps)

This course was perfect. I learned everything I needed to know to start BASE Jumping, evaluate sites, and further my own skills through on-going drills.

Cody L. (Now 350+ BASE Jumps)

I can't say enough! The knowledge, presentation, debriefs made me the confident BASE Jumper I am today!

Sarah B. (Now 200+ BASE Jumps)

I had asked around and got many recommendations but even students from other courses recommend Abbie and Twin Falls BASE. I made an awesome decision! Thank you!!

Chris D. (Now 200+ BASE Jumps)

I enjoyed the fun but "no bullshit" attitude here. Exactly what I was looking for!